What are thunderstorm warning systems?

Thunderstorm warning systems are all those systems that provide advance warning of lightning close to or at the sites where they have been installed. They are used to activate lightning protection protocols with the greatest possible early warning.

What is the interaction of coordinated internal protection systems?

It is the recommended installation design according to international standard IEC 62305-4.

What is the lightning strike index?

It is the number of thunderstorm days per km2 per year in a specific zone.

Can I retrieve the project later?

A project created by a registered user can be retrieved and modified later at no additional cost.

Does the report include a quotation for the materials needed?

The downloaded report will include an approximate list of the materials needed for installation of the protection system, but this is uncosted. Please contact INGESCO for a quotation.

On what standards is the calculation based?

The INGESCO software is a tool to calculate the lightning protection level according to standards IEC 62.305-2, UNE 26.186:2011 and NFC 17.102:2011.

How much does it cost to use the INGESCO software?

The software is completely free to use. It is a tool for public use. You can download the report in PDF format and save the project for future editing free of charge. For a more specialised report, please contact INGESCO.