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Data protection policy

The Directorate / Governing Body of Dena Desarrollos S.L. and Quibac S.L. (hereinafter, the data controller), assumes the maximum responsibility and commitment to the establishment, implementation and maintenance of this Data Protection Policy, guaranteeing the continuous improvement of the data controller with the aim of achieving excellence in relation to Compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data and by which repeals Directive 95/46 / EC (General data protection regulation) (DOUE L 119/1, 04-05-2016), and the Spanish regulations for the protection of personal data (Organic Law, legislation specific sector and its implementing regulations).

Dena Desarrollos S.L.'s Data Protection Policy It rests on the principle of proactive responsibility, according to which the controller is responsible for compliance with the regulatory and jurisprudential framework that governs said Policy, and is able to demonstrate this to the competent control authorities.

In this sense, the controller will be governed by the following principles that should serve all its staff as a guide and frame of reference in the processing of personal data:

  • Data protection from design: the controller will apply, both when determining the means of treatment and at the time of the treatment itself, appropriate technical and organizational measures, such as pseudonymisation, designed to effectively apply the principles of data protection, such as data minimization, and integrate the necessary guarantees in the treatment.
  • Data protection by default: the controller will apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures with a view to ensuring that, by default, only the personal data that is necessary for each of the specific purposes of the treatment is subject to treatment.



Responsible for the treatment

Dena Desarrollos SL

Manager's address

Carrer Cardener 5,

08223 Terrassa

Barcelona, ​​Spain


Your data will be used to meet your requests and provide you with our services.


We will send you advertising with your prior authorization, which you can provide us through the corresponding box established for this purpose.


We will only process your data with your prior consent, which you can provide us through the corresponding box established for this purpose.


In general, only the personnel of our entities that are duly authorized may have knowledge


You have the right to know what information we have about you, correct it and delete it, as explained in the additional information available on our website.

Additional information

More information in the "Privacy Policy" section of our website.


Information in compliance with personal data protection regulations

In Europe and Spain there are data protection regulations designed to protect your personal information that is mandatory for our entity.

For this reason, it is very important for us that you fully understand what we are going to do with the personal data that we request. We will be transparent and we will give you control of your data, with simple language and clear options that will allow you to decide what we will do with your personal information.

If after reading this information you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

About us?

  • Our denomination: Dena Desarrollos S.L.
  • Our CIF / NIF: B08306052
  • Our main activity: Design, production and marketing of lightning protection and prevention systems
  • Our address: C / Cardener 5, CP 08223, Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain
  • Our contact telephone:
  • Spain: 937360300
  • International: +34937360314
  • Our contact email address:
  • Our website:

What are we going to use your data for?

In general, your personal data will be used to be able to relate to you and to provide you with our services.

Likewise, they can also be used for other activities, such as sending advertising or promoting our activities.

Why do we need to use your data?

Your personal data is necessary to be able to relate to you and to be able to provide you with our services. In this sense, we will put at your disposal a series of boxes that will allow you to decide clearly and easily on the use of your personal information.

What will we do with the data from the reports made in the application?

We will have access and possibility of editing, with the explicit permission of the client, in order to make the requested changes to meet their needs. The information in these reports will not be transferred or sold to third parties. You will only have authorized personal access from the entities linked to INGESCO in order to offer personalized products or services.

Who will know the information we ask for?

In general, only the personnel of our entities who are duly authorized may have knowledge of the information we request (Dena Desarrollos y Quibac SL).

Likewise, entities that need access to it may be aware of your personal information so that we can provide our services to you. Thus, for example, our bank will know your data if payment for our services is made by card or bank transfer.

Likewise, those public or private entities to which we are obliged to provide your personal data due to compliance with any law, will have knowledge of your information. For example, the Tax Law obliges to provide the Tax Agency with certain information on economic operations that exceed a certain amount.

In the event that, apart from the aforementioned assumptions, we need to disclose your personal information to other entities, we will previously request your permission through clear options that will allow you to decide in this regard.

How are we going to protect your data?

We will protect your data with effective security measures based on the risks associated with the use of your information.

To do this, our entity has approved a Data Protection Policy and annual controls and audits are carried out to verify that your personal data is safe at all times.

How long are we going to keep your data?

We will keep your data during our relationship and as long as we are required by law. Once the applicable legal terms have ended, we will proceed to eliminate them in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

What are your data protection rights?

At any time you can contact us to find out what information we have about you, rectify it if it is incorrect and delete it once our relationship ends, if this is legally possible.

To request any of these rights, you must make a written request to our address, along with a photocopy of your ID, in order to identify you.

To know more about your data protection rights, you can consult the website of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (

Can you withdraw your consent if you change your mind at a later time?

You can withdraw your consent if you change your mind about the use of your data at any time.

For example, if you were interested in receiving advertising for our products or services in your day, but you no longer wish to receive further advertising, you can notify us via email in opposition to the treatment available in the offices of our entity